Hit your targets with team games

Play fun and interactive mobile games with your team that drive performance and help your team hit targets

Hit your targets

Play tried and tested games that are guaranteed to motivate your team and achieve your targets. Link game turns to desired activities such as up-selling an accessory, capturing an email or converting a client.

Works for any team

Our games can be easily customised to suit any team setup or type of goal, whether your team is looking to increase sales of particular products, increase customer satisfaction or improve operational efficiencies.

Quick rollout

Games can be run on employee's own iOS and Android devices so they can be rolled out in minutes as opposed to weeks. This also means that you don't have to purchase or lease any equipment and there is no training cost.

Set up a contest in minutes

Contests can be easily customised to suit any team setup or type of goal. Simply select your team size, choose between individual or team goal mode, set your goal and qualifying event. We will then customise the game to ensure that it's fun and effective.

How it works

Bring out the competitive spirit

Our games are designed to be highly engaging and competitive whilst still being fun to play. Bring out the best in your people - top performers as well as those who need a little nudge.

Create a success culture

Celebrate collective achievement of the winning team and motivate the losing team to do better next time. You might even want to provide additional motivation by offering an incentive to the winning team.

Motivate your team to

Signup loyalty cardholders

Increase sales

Assist colleagues

Upgrade customers

Observe health & safety

Serve more customers

Increase upsells

Capture more leads

Sell specific products

Solve customer problems

... or virtually any other business goal

Unlock your team's potential today

Get early access to the app and start achieving your performance targets today.

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